Left: Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick[1]

Center: Roger Moore as Beau Maverick[2]

Right: James Garner as Bret Maverick[3]


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Everyone knows that Luck was Maverick’s companion, and that gambling was his game. But that "trail from “who-knows-where” has always been somewhat elusive. Until now.


Although most people enjoy the television series Maverick for the unique wit and charm of Bret and Bart (and sometimes Beau), or simply as a diverting western adventure, they will usually just scratch the surface of the much greater Maverick Saga hidden between the poker games and wisecracks of any individual episode. And there are many allusions to even more untold tales. For instance:


Who was the ethereal Tall Man the young Maverick Brothers were searching for across the West, causing them to leave their ranch in Texas after the Civil War to adopt the favored life of the wandering gambler? Did they ever find him? And does anybody care? Maverick creator Roy Huggins did, and used this forgotten bit of Maverick lore to help drive Dr. Richard Kimble from town to town in his later television creation, The Fugitive.


Or what about the enigmatic Brent Maverick? Who was he, really? Where did he come from? Where did he go? And does anybody care? Maverick Trails attempts to answer these and many other questions by pondering historic fact and fictional clues, intentional and otherwise, throughout the series to uncover just what, if anything, the Mavericks really had up their sleeve.

All aboard with
Bart Maverick for
a head-on collision
with deceit on the
"Brasada Spur"



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