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1872 began as a year of new optimism in America. After the Civil War, industry and culture were growing again. The first patent list was issued by the U. S. Patent Office, and the year would see many new inventions such as the hydraulic elevator, air brakes for trains, the fire extinguisher, and many others to improve the quality of life.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened in New York City, Illinois broke ground in being the first state to require sexual equality in employment, and women's suffrage enjoyed many successes as a major convention was held in Boston, Victoria Woodhull became the first woman to be nominated as a candidate for U. S. President, and Susan B. Anthony broke the law by voting for Ulysses S. Grant in the 1872 election. The first black woman lawyer graduated from Howard University, and the first black U. S. governor took office in Louisiana.


In the West, Yellowstone National Park was established, becoming the first U. S. national park. The cattle industry began to flourish in Texas and other states where herds were replenishing after the economic drought of the Civil War.


For Bret and Bart Maverick, it was a beautiful spring. Their long search for the Tall Man ended successfully[1] and they were able to once again return to their home state of Texas without murder charges hanging over their heads. Although they no longer wished to return to Little Bend to lead the lives of cattle ranchers, they did enjoy catching up on lost time at Texas poker tables,[2] and they continued to wander the West in search of other big games.


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The armored figure of Liberty stands between the Presidential and Vice-Presidential portraits in the Grant-Wilson campaign poster, 1872 [3]


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