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The Panic of 1873 still persisted, but advances in the Industrial Revolution began to bring the Gilded Age into full swing.[1] The first telephone exchanges came into being in New Haven and San Francisco.[1] Thomas Edison had become known as the Wizard of Menlo Park and in 1878, brought the world the phonograph and household electricity.[3]


Out West, February saw the beginning of the Lincoln County War, which brought a bloody feud between factions of the dry goods and cattle industries to  New Mexico Territory.[4] Bret Maverick would have a run-in with former Regulator Drake in Silver Springs later in the summer.[5]


1978 saw the Maverick Brothers forming lasting associations, some that would become strong allies — as well as adversaries:

While Bret lingered in the
Arizona Territory at the beginning of the year, awaiting Jedd Ferris' release from prison,[6] he met Mandy Packer at the Red Ox Saloon in Sweetwater.[7] Meanwhile, Brother Bart met Gentleman Jack Darby for the first time while traveling through  Dakota Territory.[8]


Although Bret had first met Doc Holliday in Wichita the previous year, he crossed paths with him again in Bandera, Texas later in the summer. After a shaky reunion, they formed a strong friendship on a ride to Dodge City together.[9] About that time, Bart made the acquaintance of Samantha Crawford in Pierre.[10]


Shortly after leaving Bart high and dry in Grand Ile,[10] Samantha lured Brother Bret into a fateful poker game in Kansas City which would result in a life-long friendship between Bret and Horace Tabor.[10] Tabor invited Bret to his home in Denver that winter[712] where at Bret's invitation, both Brother Bret and Doc Holliday joined them and became fast friends.[7]

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Billy the Kid and the Regulators, the Battle of the McSween House, Lincoln County Wars, 1878.


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