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01. Maverick, Brasada Spur (1959), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.

02. The Conjectural Maverick, Maverick Trails



Imaginary person invented by Bart Maverick in 1872.[1]


In September of 1872, Bart arranged to have a telegram sent to Elgree from Blackburn of the Union Club in Chicago to lure Rufus Elgree out of King City,[1] Kansas,[2] while Bart and Roy Stafford made binding shipping deals with Elgree's Great Western Railroad for weeks into the future. in Chicago, Elgree discovered there was no such person as Blackburn and returned to King City, still unaware of Bart and Stafford's scheme.[1]


See: Brasada Spur

Rufus Elgree's telegram from "Blackburn," September 14, 1872.[1]

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