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01. Maverick, Brasada Spur (1959), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.

02. The Conjectural Maverick, Maverick Trails

Brasada Pass


Railroad station of the Brasada Spur, just south of Junction City,[1] Kansas,[2] in 1872.[1]


More 200 rail miles distant from Chaseville,[1] Kansas. Named for the Brasada Spur's route through Brasada Country, paralleling the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad line out of Junction City, thereby passing the competition's more southeasterly route.[2]


In September of 1872, Rufus Elgree ordered Horace Hogan to organize a mob of tough men to commandeer a Brasada Spur train out of Junction City and destroy the railroad's stations along its route to remove the Great Western Railroad's competition and negate its binding shipping contracts set at deflated prices. The Brasada Pass station was the first hit, and the train continued southward towards Chaseville.[1]


See: Brasada Spur

In Chaseville, Kansas, Bart Maverick announces the Great Western mob has just hit the Brasada Pass station, 1872.[1]









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