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Brooks, Paul


Dealer in blackjack at La Cantina Americana in Tampico, Mexico, in 1877.[1] (April 14, 1833November 6, 1907)[2]


A charming ladies man from the South. In May of 1877, Brooks met Rachel Stoker and had a brief romantic relationship with her.


In June of 1877, Bret Maverick needed to procure a job at La Cantina Americana to gain Steve Corbett's confidence. He recognized Brooks' weakness for the ladies and convinced him that Rachel Stoker wanted him to see him in Corpus Christi, Texas. Brooks quit his job the next morning and sailed to meet Rachel. After realizing Bret's enticement was a fabrication, Brooks decided to return to Tampico. As he was boarding his boat in Corpus Christi, he saw Amy Lawrence disembarking from another boat to be greeted by Rene Gireaux. Upon his return to the cantina, Brooks discovered Bret had not only taken his job as blackjack dealer, but had parlayed the position into running the cantina in Corbett's absence. He asked Bret for his old job back, but after telling him about seeing Amy in Corpus Christi, Bret closed the cantina until further notice.[1]


See: Escape to Tampico

Paul Brooks

Portrayed by John Hubbard


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