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Brown Palace Hotel


Hotel in Denver, Colorado Territory,[2] in 1876.[1]


Named for its architect and financier, Henry Cordes Brown,[1] the Brown Palace Hotel opened to the public on May 20, 1870, in anticipation of the arrival of the railroad that summer. The hotel flourished during Denver's era of rapid growth and became known as one of the most well-appointed hotels in the territory.[2]



The Thirty-Ninth Star: In July of 1876, Bart Maverick was late to a very important poker game at the Brown Palace Hotel.[1]



The original Brown Palace Hotel burned down in November of 1886, but Brown himself took it as an opportunity to rebuild an even grander hotel on the same property.[2]  He hired architect Frank E. Edbrooke to design the new building in the Italian Renaissance style in granite and sandstone. The hotel was one of the world's first to feature an atrium-style lobby.[3]


First opened to the public on August 12, 1892,[3]  the Brown Palace Hotel remains in operation to this day as part of Quorum Hotels and Resorts[4] and became part of Marriott's Autograph Collection Hotels in 2012.[5]


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Bart Maverick tells Judge Somervell he will be staying at the Brown Palace Hotel once he gets to Denver.[1]









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