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Bret Maverick reads the Commission's report on the Flying Scud to Brother Bart.[2]


01. Annual Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Statistics on the Commerce and Navigation of the United States for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1871; United States. Department of the Treasury. Bureau of Statistics

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Bureau of Statistics


Commission of the United States Treasury Department overseeing and documenting all aspects of merchant shipping, commerce and navigation in the mid-19th century.


Sometimes referred to in shipping vernacular as "the Commission."[1]



The Wrecker: In December of 1871[2] in San Francisco, Bret Maverick bought the wreck of the Flying Scud at auction during a bidding war with Thomas Bellairs for the very high sum of $21,000. Afterwards, Bret investigated further to be sure he wasn't being swindled, and learned that the Flying Scud was indeed registered with the Commission, who told Bret that the ship's captain had reported the ship beached at Midway Island. The Commission reported the loss to the ship's owners who put the wreck up for auction.[3]



Today, the former Bureau of Statistics shipping authority is overseen by the Federal Maritime Commission, an independent government agency.[1]









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