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Capital City Hotel


Hotel[1] in Salt Lake City, Utah Territory,[2] in 1876.[1]


On July 4, 1876, Bart Maverick registered at the Capital City Hotel while en route to Denver for a very important poker game, and was given room 208. Charles W. Farfan and Quincy Bigelow, having ridden into town from Grantsville with Bart on the same stage, also took rooms 212 and 201 respectively. Shortly after checking in, Farfan was killed in his room by members of the Stuart Machine over incriminating documents in Judge Somervell's suitcase. Believing Bart had intentionally switched suitcases with Somervell on the stage, Janet Kilmer checked into room 201 to keep an eye on him and to convince him to turn the documents over to her.[1]


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Bart Maverick stumbles into the Capital City Hotel after being severely beaten by members of the Stuart Machine, July 1876.[1]









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