A Chronology of GHOST RIDER

TIMELINE: Wednesday, May 29Friday, June 14, 1872[1]


Wednesday, July 12, 1843: Mary Owen is born.[1]


Sometime before:[2] Shane robs a Wells Fargo shipment of $60,000 from a train[1] in Wyoming Territory.[2]


Sometime before:[2] Shane is captured.[1]


Sometime before:[2] Shane is interned at Montana Territorial Prison.[1]


Sometime before:[2] Shane meets Hank Felton.[1]


Not more than a year before: Mary Shane moves into Mrs. Clemmer's boarding house in White Rock, Texas.[1]


Sometime before:[2] Felton kills a prison guard and he and Shane escape from the Montana Territorial Prison.[1]


Sometime before:[2] Felton kills Shane en route to White Rock, Texas.[1]


Shortly before:[2] Mary Owen Shane and Bert Nicholson are engaged.[1]


Wednesday, May 29, 1872: Bret Maverick wins $3,000 in a poker game in Gunsight, Texas. Immediately after leaving the saloon with his winnings, the Kid robs him and leaves him unconscious in an alley.[1]


Thursday, May 30, 1872: Bret begins hunting for the kidding across Texas.[1]


Monday, June 3, 1872: Mary Owen Shane is reported to have died of a bronchial condition.[1]


Tuesday, June 4, 1872: Mary Owen Shane's funeral service.[1]


Wednesday, June 5, 1872: After a few false starts, Bret picks up the Kid's trail.[1]


Sunday, June 9, 1872: The Kid arrives in White Rock, Texas.[1]


Wednesday, June 12, 1872: Bret arrives in White Rock and finds the Kid playing poker at Fred's Paradise Saloon. Shortly afterwards, Sideburns kills the Kid in the poker game before Bret has a chance to confront him. That night, Bret meets Mary Shane, rents a buggy to drive her home out of town. As she walks ahead of the buggy to check the path, she disappears into the shadows. back in town, the sheriff tells Bret that Mary Shane died nine days earlier.[1]


Thursday, June 13, 1872: Bret returns to the spot where Mary disappeared and finds his coat draped over her grave marker in the local cemetery. Bret learns the secret of Mary Shane and the stolen Wells Fargo money. Felton kills Bert Nicholson but Bret is arrested for the murder. Posing as Bret's attorney, Felton breaks Bret out of jail and kills George, the deputy.[1]



Friday, June 14, 1872: Bret returns to White Rock with Mary and Felton and turns the stolen Wells Fargo money in to the sheriff.[1]



Shortly after: Bret receives $3,000 reward from Wells Fargo for recovering their stolen money.[1]


The week after: The circuit judge arrives in White Rock and tries Felton for the murder of Bert Nicholson.[1]


The week after: Felton is hanged for the murder of Bert Nicholson and the deputy.[2]




The Chronology of "Ghost Rider" is very easy to track, based on the clear date on Mary Shane's gravemarker and the description of the timing of events surrounding Bret's experiences from Gunsight to White Rock, Texas. The timeline is one of the most solid established in the Canon.

Wednesday, May 29, 1872: Gunsight, Texas. Bret Maverick is held up by the Kid and robbed of $3,000.[1]

Friday, June 14, 1872: Fred's Paradise Saloon, White Rock, Texas. Bret Maverick is invited to play poker on credit while he waits to receive $3,000 reward for returning the stolen Wells Fargo money.[1]


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