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Collins, Jody


Musician, muskrat trapper and kidnapper in New Orleans[1] in 1879. (November 20, 1854April 14, 1879)[2]


Born into poverty, Collins grew up in the bayous and learned to live by his wits. As he grew into young adulthood, he learned he could use his good looks to gain attention and respect from his peers. But he was considered a lowly swamp rat by the more educated and prosperous New Orleans citizenry and had to find other means to get by in town. Raised as a fur trapper by his father, he never went hungry but with no formal education, Collins could never manage to get ahead. Having learned to play guitar and to sing at a young age, he found he could supplement his income by entertaining in the streets and cafés of New Orleans, which sometimes brought him into circles of wealthy Creole aristocrats and merchants would would often tip generously.[1]


In 1879,[2] Collins met Yvette Devereaux while performing at a French Quarter café.[2] Collins was attracted to her, but when he learned that her father was the wealthy Henri Devereaux, he began to plan how he could make his fortune at Yvette's expense. He paid romantic attention to Yvette, who soon looked past his lowly bayou background and fell in love. Collins formulated a plot in which Yvette would appear to have been kidnapped. Yvette believed Jody's plan would have him return her to her father to gain his favor, and the two would be free to marry. But Collins intended to truly hold Yvette for ransom and leave her as soon as he had his money.[1]


Collins hired Rick and Jubal to help him with his scheme[1] and in April,[2] they put it into action. But Bret and Bart Maverick fouled his plans by convincing him they were old hands at robbery and kidnapping and would let him into their operation for a share of Yvette's ransom. Bart returned from explaining the plot to Henri Devereaux with the ransom money and an envelope of black powder. Once back at the hideout, Bart threatened to ignite the powder unless Collins let them and Yvette free. Panicking, Rick and Jubal made moves to leave and stop Collins, but Collins shot and killed them both. The diversion gave Bret a chance to help Yvette break away and Bart was able to light the fuse and toss the powder into the room. Collins fired and hit Bart in the shoulder, but Collins was killed in the explosion.[1]


See: Hostage

Jody Collins

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