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Colorado Territory


Territory of the United States, organized by an organic act of Congress on February 28, 1861.[1]


Established after the Pike's Peak Gold Rush of 1858 – 1861, during the secession of South states precipitating the Civil War, giving the Union control of the mineral-rich Colorado Rockies.


Named for the Colorado River, which has its headwaters within its borders.[2]



Trail West to Fury: In 1867, Bret Maverick was trail boss for the Miller cattle drive from Little Bend, Texas to Fort Adobe, Arizona Territory. Bart Maverick tracked the Tall Man to Fort Adobe two days ahead of the Miller Drive, but arrived to late to catch him.[3]


Trail West to Fury: In August of 1871, Bret and Bart Maverick were caught in an abandoned house with Dandy Jim Buckley during a Colorado flood[3] near Pueblo.[4]





The 38th state of the United States of America, admitted into the Union by a proclamation signed by President Ulysses S. Grant on August 1, 1876.



Hostage: In April of 1879,[4] Bret Maverick convinced Jody Collins that he and Brother Bart were professional criminals with the ruse of how the two of them had kidnapped Lucky Blaire's son for $100,000 in Colorado two years earlier.[5]

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