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Confederate States of America



Claimed but not controlled

Confederate States of America


A rebel American republic established on February 8, 1861, comprised eventually of eleven Southern states, seceded from the Union to preserve the institution of slavery and states rights. Also known as the Confederacy, its formation precipitated the Civil War.


The United States government considered the Southern states' secession to be illegal and rejected the Confederacy as a separate nation. Nor did any foreign governments acknowledge the Confederacy as a sovereign power.



Escape tyo Tampico: In the early months of the Civil War, Steve Corbett was well-paid by the Confederacy to run the Union Blockade in New Orleans.[2]


Trail West to Fury: In 1862, Bret and Bart Maverick enlisted in the Confederate Army to fight the Union Army in the Civil War.[3]



The Union Army's victory of the Civil War on April 9, 1865 marked the end of the Confederacy. The last of the Confederate forces surrendered in June of that year.[1]



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