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Corwin, Wes


Sheriff in Bent Forks,[1] Nebraska in 1871. (July 7, 1841 – May 24, 1882)[2]


Corwin was a very serious man when it came to protecting the citizens of Bent Forks, particularly those he cared about. He had a fair understanding of confidence games, knowing some history of the belt game, how to detect a marked deck of cards, cheating devices such as the advantage pin, and systems such as the Spread. As a result, he had little tolerance for confidence men in his town. Corwin had an unspoken affection for Molly Gleason, a relative newcomer to Bent Forks. But aside from her beauty, he had compassion for what he perceived as her troubled past.


In 1871, Corwin arrested Bret Maverick for running a con game in Bent Forks. He set bail at $100, which was paid by Mike Brill on the condition that Bret work as a spotter for the Golden Chance Saloon during the season's cattle drives. When Bret caught Fletcher and Callahan working the Spread, Corwin arrested them and, as he did with Bret, set their bail at $100 each. Corwin later intervened on Bret's behalf when Fletcher and Callahan had ambushed him. He warned Bret not to be seen with Molly Gleason any more, and when Bret told him he intended to see her again the next day, a fist fight ensued. Bret reluctantly beat Corwin, understanding Corwin's true feelings for Molly. When Molly's scheme with Ralph Jordan was revealed, Corwin had the unpleasant duty of arresting her for bank robbery and attempted murder. After Bret recovered the stolen bank money and received his reward, Corwin gave him ten minutes to get out of town.[1]


Sometime after Molly Gleason's trial and Molly had served her sentence, she returned to Bent Forks and settled down to a happier life with Corwin.[2]


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Wes Corwin

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