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Decendants of the colonial settlers of Louisiana, especially those of French, Spanish, American Indian or African ancestry tracing to the region before the Louisiana Purchase.[1]


The French term is derived from the Spanish criollo, meaning "person native to a locality."[2]


Escape to Tampico: In June of 1877, Bret Maverick lost all his money playing poker in New Orleans, so accepted a $6,000 proposition from Creole aristocrat Roul Gireaux to travel to Tampico, Mexico, find Steve Corbett and persuade him to return to the States to answer for the theft of House of Gireaux silver and the murder of Gireaux's son, Victor.[4]


Hostage: In April of 1879,[3] Bret Maverick learned of he upcoming maiden voyage of New Orleans Creole aristocrat Henri Devereaux's River Princess. Knowing the cream of the proud and wealthy Creole society would be aboard, he invited Brother Bart to join him in Louisiana, in hopes of rich winnings at the luxurious steamboat's poker tables.[5]

Creoles Yvette and Henri Devereaux, dining at Maxime's Restaurant, New Orleans,[5] 1879.[3]


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