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Bret Maverick is led by Coral Stacey into a bushwhacking on the deck of the Dakota Queen,[1] 1877.[2]


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Dakota Queen


Steamboat on the Missouri River[1] in 1877.[2]



In April of 1877,[2] Bret Maverick, Madame Pompey and her new crew of female entertainers, and a boatload of other fortune-seekers traveled up the Missouri River from St. Louis, en route to Fort Pierre, form which they would travel overland to Deadwood during the Black Hills Gold Rush.[1] In Council Bluffs,[2] Tony Cadiz, Coral Stacey and Battling Kreuger came aboard. Bret won over $4,000 from Cadiz in an embarrassing game of poker in the Dakota Queen's salon. Afterwards, Coral offered to go into partnership with Bret in Deadwood but before Bret could respond, Tony Cadiz had Kreuger knock him out. Cadiz and Coral robbed Bret of all his money and had Kreuger throw him overboard into the Missouri River. The Dakota Queen continued indifferently on her voyage to Fort Pierre.[1]


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