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Devereaux, Yvette


Creole heiress, daughter of Henri Devereaux in New Orleans[1] in 1879. (April 15, 1855who-knows-when?)[2]


Yvette's mother died giving birth to her. An only child, she was raised by her father, Henri Devereaux on his sugar planation, Belleforest. She often spent long holidays with him at his town suite at the Hotel Royale in New Orleans.[2]


In early 1879, Yvette met Jody Collins when he was entertaining in a French Quarter café. Although he lived in the bayou as a muskrat trapper, she believed in his dream of becoming a famous singer, and fell in love with him.[2]


In April of that year,[2] Yvette's father had planned to launch his newest and most luxurious steam packet, the River Princess, on her maiden voyage from New Orleans to St. Louis[1] in celebration of her 24th birthday.[2] But on the eve of the sailing, she had planned a subterfuge with Collins to appear to be kidnapped. Collins was to appear to rescue her to gain her father's confidence and allow the two young lovers to be married. But Collins shocked her by actually holding her hostage, planning instead to leave Yvette and use the ransom money to live on in the bayou for the rest of his life. Fortunately for Yvette, Bret and Bart Maverick witnessed her abduction outside Maxime's Restaurant and followed the carriage to Collins' hideout. The Maverick Brothers learned Collins' plan and helped her to escape, resulting in the death of Collins and his two hired men, Rick and Jubal. Grateful to the Mavericks for his daughter's safe return, Devereaux paid them a $5,000 reward[2] and invited them aboard the maiden voyage of the River Princess. During the journey, Yvette began to put the heartbreak of Collins behind her, enjoying the company of both Bret and Bart as they took turns entertaining her between poker games.[1]


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Yvette Devereaux

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