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Fallon, Rip


Rancher's son in Twin Bluffs,[1] Nebraska[2] in 1875.[1] (October 5, 1853March 21, 1934)[2]


Son of Mart Fallon and younger brother of Wes Fallon. Conscientious and kind-hearted, despite the influence of his father and brother's selfish and underhanded ways.[1]


Raised by an unscrupulous rancher father, Rip grew up learning how to ride and to handle cattle. Even though he lost his mother at an early age,[2] and despite his father's urgings and brother's bullying, his nature was to be kind to others and do right. However, out of respect and love for his father and brother, he often found himself forced into their dishonest actions at odds with his own conscience.[1]


In July of 1875,[2] Rip found himself involved with his father and brother tracking Sam Harris and his partner Matson through Sioux country in the Black Hills to find their million-dollar gold mine. Since the Harris Mine was an illegal claim, being on Sioux land, Mart and Wes Fallon believed they had just as much right to it as Harris, and they were prepared to do anything to get it.[1]


Rip was deeply troubled when he saw Wes shoot Harris in cold blood just for trying to protect his mine, but half-heartedly accepted his brother's reasoning that it was in self-defense. Five days later, he saw his brother kill Matson by throwing a knife into his back. Obviously no act of self-defense, Rip came to understand his brother was just a killer.[1]


When his father and brother's plans to get the Harris Mine had become deadly serious, Rip began to stand up to his father, calling him out on his motives. When he saw his brother pull a gun on Bret Maverick, he called out a warning just in time for Bret to defend himself, saving his life. Unfortunately, Bret was forced to kill Wes in self-defense.[1]


Shortly afterwards, Sheriff Tibbs from Twin Bluffs arrived to arrest Mart and Rip Fallon for the murders of Harris and Matson. Having seen that Rip was a good kid at heart, Bret told the sheriff he deserved a break at the trial.[1] With Bret and Simmons' testimony at the trial, Rip was found not guilty, while his father was sentenced to seven years.[2]


While his father was serving his sentence, Rip took over the operation of the Fallon Ranch and turned it into one of the first successful ranches in the Nebraska panhandle.[2]


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Rip Fallon

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