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01. Maverick, Stage West (1957), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.

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Fallon, Wes


Rancher's son in Twin Bluffs,[1] Nebraska[2] in 1875.[1] (July 30, 1851July 28, 1875)[2]


Son of Mart Fallon and older brother of Rip Fallon. Vindictive and cold-hearted, largely due to the influence of his father's greed and vengeful ways.[1]


Raised by an unscrupulous father, Wes grew up learning how to cheat and bully. Having lost his mother at an early age,[2] and encouraged by his father, Wes believed that might made right, and violence was an acceptable, and sometimes even enjoyable, means to an end. Wes had a contentious relationship with his brother Rip, often bullying him and accusing him of cowardice for not having a more aggressive streak.[1]


In July of 1875,[2] Wes enthusiastically joined his father and brother in tracking Sam Harris and his partner Matson through Sioux country in the Black Hills to find their million-dollar gold mine. Since the Harris Mine was an illegal claim, being on Sioux land, Wes and his father believed they had just as much right to it as Harris, and they were prepared to do anything to get it. Wes' brother, Rip, was reluctant in his involvement, but tacitly participated with his family against his conscience.[1]


Wes fatally shot Sam Harris when Harris attempted to defend his claim with a shotgun, and left him for dead. After coercing Matson to reveal who was coming to meet Harris at the Packsaddle Station, Mart Fallon told Matson he was free to leave them. But before Matson could make it out the door, Wes threw a knife into his back and killed him.[1]


Still at the Packsaddle Station, Wes drew a gun on Bret Maverick, intending to kill him when Bret wasn't looking. But his brother Rip saw what was about to happen and called out a warning shout in time for Bret to react. Wes' shot missed its mark, but Bret was able to fire back in self-defense, and Wes was killed.[1]



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Wes Fallon

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