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Felton (alias Hank Foster)


Escaped convict and murder from the Montana Territorial Prison[1] in 1872.[1] (April 19, 1845 – June 18, 1972)[2]


While serving time in the Montana Territorial Prison in 1871, Felton met Shane, another convict. Shane intended to serve his full sentence and reunite to his wife, Mary Owen Shane, who was hiding out in White Rock, Texas, with the Wells Fargo money he had stolen in a train robbery. A smooth talker, Felton convinced Shane to break out of prison with him, travel to White Rock and split the money.[1]


In 1872, Felton killed a guard and the two men escaped. Once at large, Felton killed Shane. He then intended to find Mrs. Shane and force her to lead him to the money. Once in White Rock, he learned that Bret Maverick was also trying to find Mrs. Shane, who had reportedly died a week earlier. When registering at the Palace Hotel in White Rock, Felton signed in under the alias of Hank Foster. He learned from the hotel clerk that Mary Shane was engaged to Bert Nicholson.[1]


Felton confronted Nicholson to find where the Wells Fargo money was and killed Nicholson in a scuffle. Convinced Bret Maverick had killed Nicholson, the sheriff threw Bret jail to await trial. Felton believed Bret had information that could help him find the money, so he posed as Bret's attorney and broke him out of jail. Once Bret got away, Felton killed George, the deputy.[2]


After the jail break, Felton met Bret outside of town. Bret began to figure out Felton's plan and the two got into a fight. Bret managed to knock Felton out and tie him up. Bret then found Mary Shane digging for the Wells Fargo money in a rock slide west of town. Once he helped her recover the money, he returned to White Rock with Mrs. Shane, and turned Felton and the stolen loot into the sheriff.[1]


A week later, the circuit judge came to White Rock and Felton was tried and convicted of murdering Nicholson and White Rock's deputy, and was hanged the next morning.[2]


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