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Fort Leavenworth


U. S. Army installation in Kansas, established in 1827 to protect settlers and merchants from hostile Indians along the Santa Fe Trail.[1]


Named for its founding officer, Colonel Henry Leavenworth, the installation was originally called Cantonment Leavenworth, with an initial complement of 14 officers and 174 enlisted men.[1]


As the eastern terminus of the Santa Fe and Oregon trails, the installations' importance increased rapidly. After the Indian Removal Act of 1830, its strategic location gave it even greater prominence, and was renamed Fort Leavenworth in 1832.[1]


Trail West to Fury: On November 13, 1866, Bret and Bart Maverick were mustered out of the 5th U. S. Volunteer Infantry at Fort Leavenworth,[2] having served nearly two years fighting Indians[3] along the Santa Fe Trail[2] and in New Mexico Territory as Galvanized Yankees.[3]





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Fort Leavenworth, 1867.[4]









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