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01. Maverick, Trail West to Fury (1958), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.

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Ranch hand and hired gun of the Jessie Hayden Ranch in Little Bend, Texas[1] in 1867. (February 7, 1823August 11, 1867).[2]


In August of 1867,[2] when Bret and Bart Maverick were recruiting men in Little Bend to work the Miller cattle drive to Fort Adobe, Jett, the gunman and another man from the Jessie Hayden Ranch interrupted. The gunman backed Jett up when he announced the Mavericks had been Galvanized Yankees, traitors to all good Johnny Rebs. The men being recruited had a number of former Galvanized Yankees amongst them, and knew the Mavericks since before the Civil War. With the crowd behind them, the Mavericks chased Jett , the gunman and the other Hayden man off.[1]


Later that night, Jett and the gunman ambushed the Mavericks as they strolled out of the Cattlemen's Hotel. An unknown tall man shouted a warning, and the Mavericks were able to defend themselves. In the ensuing gunfight, Bret shot and killed the gunman.[1]


Bart likewise shot and killed Jett. The Tall Man witnessed the entire fight, but left the scene without giving an account to the Union Army. With no other witnesses, Jessie Hayden was able to sign a deposition with the San Saba County Attorney swearing that he had seen the Mavericks kill his men in cold blood.[1]



See: Trail West to Fury


Portrayed by George Barrows









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