MAVERICK: Season 1, Episode 8

Written by: Gerald Drayson Adams

Directed by: Richard L. Bare

Original airdate: November 10, 1957



In New Orleans, the luxurious steam packet River Princess is about to embark on her maiden voyage, carrying the city's wealthiest Creole aristocrats...the opportunity of a lifetime for Bret and Bart Maverick. Passage is by invitation only and their only hope is to appeal directly to the riverboat's owner, who does not trust Americans. But his daughter has just been kidnapped on the eve of the voyage. Can the Mavericks secure her safe return without getting killed themselves?




AngeliqueBelleforestBlaire, LuckyBostonBrestCabildoCabildo PrisonCarréCattleman's Bank"Cindy"Collins, JodyColoradoColton, "Hardy"CreoleDelaford, theDenverDevereaux, HenriDevereaux, YvettedrawFranceFrench QuarterholdHotel Royaleinside straightJubalKansaskickerLouisianaLouisiana PurchaseMarvin, InspectorMaverick, BartMaverick, BretMaverick, "Pappy" BeauregardMaxime's RestaurantMississippi RiverNatchezNew OrleansNewportNewtonPierrepokerpolicemanPrairie BelleRickRivage, AntonRiver Princess, the •  Rousseau, GeorgeRue RubidouxSaint LouisSaint-Cyr CasinoSan FranciscoSaratogaSergeantstakestevedoreTexas Panhandlethousand-dollar billWestwindZiggy

Listings in italics are not specifically mentioned by name in the story, but are inferred through other contextual references.



"Beautiful Crescent: A History of New Orleans" by Joan B. Garvey and Mary Lou Widmer — Garmer Press, 1982


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