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The wax seal of the House of Gireaux's familiar family crest, 1877.[1]

House of Gireaux


French family of silversmiths in New Orleans, Louisiana in the 1870s.[1]


Owned and operated by Roul Gireaux and his sons Rene and Victor, makers of some of the world's finest silver goods.[1]


Escape to Tampico: In March of 1876, Steve Corbett stole into the House of Gireaux's workshop when Victor Gireaux was working alone at the forge. Corbett stole a large amount of silver from the workshop and killed Gireaux when he tried to stop him. Corbett subsequently fled to Tampico, Mexico, where he was able to avoid extradition for his crimes. In June of 1877, Bret Maverick was sent half of a thousand dollar bill by Roul Gireaux to entertain the proposition of persuading Corbett to return to the United States from Tampico to face the charges of robbery and murder.[1]


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