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The 29th state of the United States, signed into admission to the Union by President James K. Polk on December 28, 1846.[1]


Named for the native Indian Ioway people occupying the region at the time of European exploration. Originally acquired by the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. First officially settled by Americans in June of 1833.[1]



Stampede: In March of 1877,[2] Noah Perkins left his home in Council Bluffs to get away from constant bullying, and moved to the Black Hills in Dakota Territory where he could live alone with his animal friends in peace.[3] In April of that year,[2] Bret Maverick and Dandy Jim Buckley swam ashore  from an island in the Missouri River on which they had been stranded[3] to the Iowa side. They walked to the nearest town,[3] Salix,[2] to sell Buckley's ring and buy two horses and outfits.[3]

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