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The 34th state of the United States of America, admitted into the Union on January 29, 1861.[1]


Named for the Kansa Indian tribe, meaning "people of the wind."[1]


Brasada Spur: In August of 1872,[2] Bart Maverick traveled[3] into eastward into Kansas on the Kansas Pacific Railroad to Junction City, where he then took the Brasada Spur[2] to King City. In September, he traveled to Chicago and back into Kansas and King City.[3]


The Thirty-Ninth Star: On a stagecoach ride[4] to Salt Lake City[2] on July 4, 1876,[2] Bart Maverick told to Judge Somervell that he was just passing through the territory on his way to Denver. Charles W. Farfan, who had lost $600 to Bart in a poker game the night before, emphasized that Bart was just passing through "like a Kansas twister."[4]


Hostage: In April of 1879,[2] Bret Maverick convinced Jody Collins that he and Brother Bart were professional criminals with the ruse of how the two of them had robbed a Cattleman's Bank in Newton, Kansas of $125,000.[5]

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