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Kid, the


Outlaw in Texas in 1872.[1] (July 30, 1848[2]June 12, 1872[1])


In May of 1872, the Kid was in Pearlo's Palace in Gunsight, Texas when he saw Bret Maverick win $3,000 in a poker game. A few moments later, Bret left the saloon and strolled a few doors down past an alley where the Kid was waiting in ambush. The Kid held Bret up and robbed him of his winnings. Bret warned the Kid to take good care of his money, becaaue he would track him down. The Kid knocked Bret out, ran off and left town.


Over the next week, Bret tracked the Kid to White Rock, Texas, where he found him playing poker in Fred's Paradise Saloon. Before Bret could confront him, the Kid lost the last of Bret's money to Sideburns, who he insulted and called him a cheat. The insult was too much for Sideburns, so he shot and killed the Kid on the spot. When Harry asked Bret if the Kid was a friend of his, Bret replied, "No, but the money was."[1]


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The Kid

Portrayed by Edd Byrnes









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