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01. Maverick, The Thirty-Ninth Star (1958), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.

02. The Conjectural Maverick, Maverick Trails

Kilmer, Janet Stuart


Returning resident[1] of Salt Lake City, Utah Territory,[2] in 1876.[1] (August 3, 1847November 28, 1917)[2]


Born in Salt Lake City[2] to Charles Sanderson Stuart, educated and widowed in Philadelphia.[1]


In July of 1876, Janet returned[21] to Salt Lake City[2] from Philadelphia. Upon her arrival, she met former acquaintance Judge Somervell and traveled with him to Grantsville to acquire  documents incriminating her late father's political organization. The documents fell into the possession of Somervell, from whom she was determined to get them. On her stage ride[1] back to Salt Lake City[2] on July 4, she met Bart Maverick, who was traveling through the territory on his way to an important poker game in Denver. Desperate to gain possession of the papers herself to protect her father's name, she worked with Bart to recover them, but was intent on keeping them for herself. During their search for the papers, she found herself attracted to Bart, but admitted to him that once they found the documents, she would be forced to betray him. After Bart found the papers and learned of their true importance, he turned the papers over to Somervell. Accepting that Somervell would have to make the papers public, she understood she would not be able to protect her father's name any longer and faced her inevitable notoriety.[1]


See: The Thirty-Ninth Star

Janet Stuart Kilmer

Portrayed by Bethel Leslie









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