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Las Vegas


Trail town in New Mexico Territory in 1876.[1]


Situated along the Santa Fe Trail. Originally named Nuestra Seõra de los Dolores de Las Vegas (Our Lady of Sorrows of the Meadows). Erected as a plaza in 1833 for as a trading post and protection for caravans against Indians along the Santa Fe Trail.[1]

1846, during the Mexican-American War, General Stephen W. Kearney took possession of Las Vegas and extended over it the laws of the United States. Las Vegas became the seat of U. S. military operations in the area until Fort Union was built thirty miles to the north in 1851.[1]


ABOVE: Las Vegas Plaza, c1877.[2]


The Jeweled Gun: In April of 1876, Bart Maverick and Daisy Haskell arrived in Las Vegas[3] by stage while traveling from Santa Fe on their way to Laramie, Wyoming Territory[4] and stayed at the Exchange Hotel.[3]


The Day They Hanged Bret Maverick: In September of 1876, Bret Maverick and Molly Sharp arrived in Las Vegas[3] by stage while traveling to Santa Fe from Hallelujah, New Mexico Territory.[5]

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