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Gireaux, Amy Lawrence


American singer and widow of Victor Gireaux.[1] (March 2, 1847 July 22, 1901)[2]


In May of 1876, Amy's husband was killed by Steve Corbett while Corbett tried to escape the House of Gireaux's workshop with a load of silver. Corbett escaped into Mexico to evade American extradition, but Amy had a plan to coerce Corbett to return to the United States where he would be forced to face his crimes.[1] By June,[2] Amy had learned that Corbett had established La Cantina Americana in Tampico. She traveled there incognito and took a job as a singer[1] under her maiden name.[2]


Over the months, she earned Corbett's respect, trust and eventually, his love.[1] In July of 1877,[2] when she believed Corbett would never return to America unless she lured him there, Amy left him a note that she had left Tampico for Corpus Christi. There, she was met at the dock by Rene Gireaux, who escorted her back to his father's residence in town. While boarding a Tampico-bound boat, Paul Brooks saw Amy and Rene meet. Brooks brought the news to Bret Maverick, whom Corbett had left in charge of La Cantina Americana in his absence. Believing Corbett was walking into a trap, Bret left for Corpus Christi to stop him. Corbett tracked Amy to Gireaux's residence, where she got him to confess to killing her husband. Bret arrived at he residence shortly after Corbett and was forced to kill Corbett in self-defense.[1]


With her husband's killer avenged, Amy eventually remarried, this time to her late husband's brother, Rene.[2]


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Amy Lawrence

Portrayed by an Barbara Lang


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