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01. Luke 16: 19–31

02. The Holy Scriptures, Old and New Testaments (1885); Stuttgart-Germany.

03. Maverick, Brasada Spur (1959), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.



Beggar of the parable of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.[1]


Lazarus (Hebrew for "God is my help") would beg in vain outside the gate of a wealthy man's luxurious home for table scraps. The only attention Lazarus could receive was that of stray dogs licking his sores. The beggar eventually died and was taken to Abraham's side in Heaven. When the wealthy man died and found himself burning in Hell, and looked up to see Abraham and Lazarus together far off in Heaven. The wealthy man called to Abraham, begging him to send Lazarus that he may dip his finger in water and cool his burning tongue. But Abraham reminded the wealthy man of his bounty in life, and of Lazarus' poverty, and now that each had gone to their respective rewards, neither may cross the gulf between. The wealthy man then begged Abraham to send Lazarus to his home in life to testify to his family and warn them of the reality of the torments of the afterlife if they do not change their ways. But Abraham reminded the wealthy man that his brethren had the message of Moses and the prophets, and if their words did not persuade them, neither would those of a man raised from the dead.[1]


Brasada Spur: In September of 1872, in explaining the Brasada Spur's situation to Bart Maverick, he compared himself to the position of Lazarus, begging for scraps at the rich man's table. With not enough business in King City to support two competing railroads, his could only survive by handling the wealthier Great Western Railroad's overflow during the peak shipping season.[3]

Gustav Doré's illustration of the Rich Man and Lazarus, 1885.[2]









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