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Loma Parda


Trail town in New Mexico Territory in 1876.[1]


Situated on the Mora River along the Santa Fe Trail. Settled in the 1830s as a farming village, it soon became a haven for illegal trade with the Comanche.[1] When Fort Union was built thirty miles to the north in 1851, Loma Parda became a local retreat for off-duty soldiers and became known as "Sodom on the Mora" with it's saloons, dance halls and bordellos. Shootings and stabbings were common.[2]


ABOVE: Loma Parda, New Mexico Territory, 1876.[3]


The Jeweled Gun: In April of 1876, Bart Maverick and Daisy Haskell arrived in Loma Parda[3] by stage while traveling from Santa Fe on their way to Laramie, Wyoming Territory and stayed at the Lake Hotel.[4]

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