Just after seeing Bret Maverick win $3,000 in a poker game and cash in at a Gunsight, Texas saloon, the Kid ducked outside into an alley to wait for Bret as he passed. A moment later, the Kid pulled a gun on Bret and robbed him of his winnings. Bret made a move against the Kid, but was knocked unconscious and left in the alley as the Kid made his getaway.[1]



THE $1,000 BILL


The Kid saw Bret Maverick win $3,000 in a poker game in Gunsight, Texas, and held him up outside the saloon as Bret left for the premises. Fortunately for Bret, the Kid didn't know about his get-away money safely pinned inside his broadcloth coat.

A week later, Bret lent his coat — still with the $1,000 bill pinned inside — to Mary Shane so she would be warm during their night ride along a dark and lonely road outside of White Rock, Texas. She was wearing the coat as she walked ahead of the buggy to make sure a bridge they needed to cross was safe, but she disappeared into the shadows and apparently, off the face of the earth.


The next day, Bret retraced the road to the spot where Miss Shane had disappeared. As he expected, there was no bridge to be found. But off the side of the road was a small cemetery. He found his coat, with the $1,000 bill still pinned safely inside, draped over the top of a grave marker as neatly as if it had been hung in his hotel closet. On looking back at the marker, Bret was shocked to see the name of Mary Shane, and date of her death more than a week earlier.[1]



Bret Maverick was charged for the murder of Bert Nicholson in White Rock, Texas. Felton, the real killer, posed as Bret's attorney to get into Bret's cell and learn information about Mary Shane, the wife of his partner in a prison break. Felton forced the deputy into Bret's cell at gunpoint as Bret escaped. After Bret got away, Felton killed the deputy.[1]





Bret Maverick won $3,000 in a poker game in Gunsight, Texas, but was immediately robbed of it by the Kid in an alley outside the saloon. Before Bret could reclaim his money from his assailant, the Kid had lost it playing poker in White Rock, Texas and subsequently killed for calling Sideburns a card cheat. While in White Rock, Bret managed to recover $60,000 of stolen Wells Fargo money and turn it in for $3,000 reward, essentially breaking even. Before leaving, he was invited by the eager townsfolk of White Rock to sit at their poker tables and try his luck against them as the Kid had done.[1]





$3,000 in a poker game in Gunsight, Texas.[1]





$3,000 won in a poker game in Gunsight, Texas and stolen immediately afterwards by the Kid.[1]





$3,000, 5% reward for recovering $60,000 of stolen Wells Fargo money.[1]

THE $1,000 BILL: Still in Bret Maverick's coat, left hanging on Mary Shane's grave marker.[1]

REWARD MONEY: Bret Maverick unearths $59,400 of Wells Fargo money buried beneath a rock slide in a canyon west of White Rock, Texas.[1]


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