THE $1,000 BILL


Bret Maverick was carrying his $1,000 bill pinned inside of his coat. After capturing Bret and jailing him in Hallelujah, New Mexico Territory, the town council determined it wasn't part of the stolen Wells Fargo money. After Bret's hanging, the town council intended to use the money to build a better jail. But when Molly Sharp convinced them it was her husband, Cliff Sharp, they had really hanged and buried, they determined the thousand dollars belonged to her. Claiming it was also stolen money, she refused. Upon recovering and returning the stolen Wells Fargo money to Hallelujah, the thousand dollars was returned to Bret, along with a $5,000 reward.[1]





After robbing the Wells Fargo office of $40,000 in Hallelujah, New Mexico Territory, Cliff Sharp eluded the town's posse but led them to nearby Elbow Bend. There, he saw Bret Maverick ride into town and check into a room at the Elbow Bend Hotel. After Bret was asleep, Sharp sneaked into his room and planted evidence that would prove Bret had committed the crime. As the only stranger that had been seen riding into town that night, the posse easily captured Bret in his hotel in possession of some of the stolen money, the gun used to kill the Wells Fargo clerk, and the hat witnesses had seen on the culprit during his getaway. After a speedy trial, Bret was jailed for the crime and sentenced to hang the next morning. He was let out of jail only to go straight to the gallows. But Sheriff Chick Tucker had convinced Coroner Oliver Poole to place mattresses behind a tarp under the gallows to break Bret's fall so he could later lead them to the stolen money. Once the mock burial had been staged, Bret managed to escape from Tucker, foiling his and Poole's plans.[1]



Molly Sharp arrived in Hallelujah, New Mexico Territory, the afternoon of Bret Maverick's "burial," claiming to be his widow. She then told the townsfolk that "Bret Maverick" was really one of many aliases used by her husband, the notorious Cliff Sharp. After a more impressive grave site was erected for Sharp to replace Bret's humble marker, she left town on the southbound stage bound for Santa Fe, where she would reunite with her husband. Together, they could move freely with the world believing he was dead and buried in Hallelujah. But Bret caught up with her at the Dry Springs Way Station and rode with her to Santa Fe so he could face Sharp himself and prove his own innocence. Along the way, Molly became impressed with Bret, believing he was more of the type of man she would rather be with, and planned to run away with him instead of returning to her husband. But when Bret explained they needed to face her husband together, she grew suspicious and brought Bret to Sharp at gunpoint. A gunfight broke out between Bret and Sharp, resulting in Bret killing Sharp in self-defense. Bret convinced Molly to return to Hallelujah with him to return the stolen Wells Fargo money. There, the town council believed she needed to stand trial for her bearing false witness against Bret and placed her in jail to await her day in court. In sympathy for Molly and in gratitude for her help, Bret left some of his reward money with the town council to get her a good lawyer.[1]





In Cimarron,[2] during their first night together bound for Santa Fe, Bret Maverick offered to pay for Molly Sharp's dinner. She refused, but Bret convinced her to cut for it. Molly lost the cut and Bret allowed her to pay for both of their meals, impressing her. Bret quoted Pappy as saying, "There's more than one way to please a lady."[1]





In a shootout at the Sharp home outside of Santa Fe, Bret Maverick killed Cliff Sharp in self-defense.[1]





Bret Maverick was paid $5,000 reward for the return of the $40,000 of Wells Fargo money stolen by Cliff Sharp.[1]

THROWN IN JAIL: Bret Maverick watches the testing of the gallows built especially for his legal and proper hanging from his jail cell in Hallelujah, New Mexico Territory.[1]

THE LADIES HE'S KNOWN: Molly Sharp kisses Bret Maverick outside her hotel room[1] in Las Vegas,[2] New Mexico Territory.[1]

KILLS: Cliff Sharp is shot and killed by Bret Maverick in self-defense, near Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory.[1]


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