When Bret and Bart Maverick parted company[1] at the confluence of the Rio Chama and Rio Grande,[2] they recited Pappy's last words of advice to them when they left home: "Never hold a kicker, and never draw to an inside straight."[1]





Bart Maverick stayed at the Barker House in Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory, not because it was a nice hotel but because it had the best poker game in town. After playing poker for a while there on his first night in town, he found himself tapped. Not to be discouraged, he went up to his room to get the $1,000 bill pinned inside his other coat. After losing that, he was forced to accept Daisy Haskell's offer of escorting her by stage to Laramie, posing as her husband, for $1,000. She paid him half up-front, which he parlayed into much more back at the poker table. When he attempted to buy his way out of his agreement with Daisy at a hundred-percent profit, she refused.[1]



THE $1,000 BILL


When Bart Maverick found himself tapped at the poker table at the Barker House in Santa Fe, he resorted to fetching his $1,000 bill from his other coat to get back into the game. He soon lost it as well.[1]





Daisy Haskell gave Bart Maverick a glass of brandy in her room at the Barker House to help persuade him to accept the job she was offering him. Bart politely refused the offer, as well as the brandy, claiming he never drank after sundown.[1]





Henrique Fillipe approached Bart Maverick in Santa Fe about Daisy Haskell's wish to hire him to escort her to Laramie, posing as her husband, for $500. Bart refused the offer, and was approached again later that night, this time by Daisy herself, who raised the price to $1,000. Bart still refused until he was forced to reconsider after losing all his money at a Barker House poker table. Once he and Daisy got as far as La Mesa on their journey, Bart —posing as John Haskell —  realized he had been set up to be murdered by Daisy so people would believe her real husband had been killed by a jewel thief in La Mesa, when he had actually been killed by Fillipe in Santa Fe.[1]




Daisy Haskell ran up to Bart Maverick in the streets of Santa Fe, hoping he would pretend to know her so she could avoid three townsmen she thought were following her. Bart immediately joined in the ruse and made a day of it be exploring the town with her all afternoon. She would not tell Bart her name, but Henrique Fillipe later gave Bart her name as Daisy Harris. Claiming she felt safe with Bart, Daisy hired him to escort her to Laramie posing as her husband, John Haskell, for $1,000. Bart found himself attracted to her as they traveled together, but grew suspicious of her motives when she remained secretive after killing Snopes[1] in Cimarron.[2] Ultimately, Bart discovered her plan to kill him, posing as her real husband, so he would appear to have been killed and buried far from Santa Fe. Exposing her plan to the La Mesa sheriff, Bart saw Daisy and Fillipe taken back to Santa Fe to stand trial for murder.[1]


Some time before the events of "The Jeweled Gun," Bret Maverick met Adelaide. Knowing she lived in Clayton, New Mexico Territory, Bret decided to part company with Brother Bart, who went on to Santa Fe. While Bart dealt with Daisy Haskell along the Santa Fe Trail, Bret indulged himself in a visit to Clayton to see Adelaide. We are never told what happened between them, other than it was "a long story."





Bart Maverick won well over $1,000 playing poker all night at the Barker House in Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory.[1]





On the Santa Fe Trail[1] north of Las Vegas,[2] the stage Bart Maverick and Daisy Haskell were traveling on was attacked by a band of Comanche. As the stage was being chased, Bart shot and killed seven of the Comanche with the Winchester Henrique Fillipe had given him for protection along the trail.[1]

A STEADY JOB: In Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory, Daisy Haskell pays Bart Maverick $500, half of the money she promised him for escorting her to Laramie, Wyoming Territory, posing as her husband.[1]

THE LADIES HE'S KNOWN: Bart Maverick kisses Daisy Haskell in their hotel room one night along the Santa Fe Trail.[1]

KILLS: Bart Maverick shoots one of the seven Comanche he killed from the stagecoach he and Daisy Haskell were taking along the Santa Fe Trail.[1]


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