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01. Maverick, Hostage (1957), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.

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Marvin, Inspector


Police inspector in the French Quarter of New Orleans in 1879. (November 19, 1824November 28, 1899)[2]


Dedicated to his job, but would often use unscrupulous means outside the law to solve his cases.[2]


In April of 1879,[2] Yvette Devereaux, daughter of wealthy Creole aristocrat Henri Devereaux, was abducted in his presence. Ashamed to have such a crime happen under his care, he launched an ambitious and aggressive police hunt to find those responsible. After following the kidnappers to their hideout in the French Quarter, Bart Maverick sought Devereaux out at his town suite at the Hotel Royale, and explained to him and Inspector Marvin that Jody Collins and his men were holding Yvette for $50,000 ransom which they had until midnight to pay. Marvin demanded to know where Yvette was being held, but Bart refused, knowing that Brother Bret was also held hostage, and any police approaching them would result in both Yvette and Bret getting killed. Marvin took Bart to police headquarters for further questioning and attempted to beat the information out of him with his own fists. Bart refused to reveal the location of the hideout and was beaten severely until Devereaux put a stop to it. Devereaux demanded Bart be released and trusted him to take the ransom money to Collins and return Yvette safely to him.[1]


See: Hostage

Inspector Marvin

Portrayed by Trevor Bardette









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