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Border town in Mexico, situated on the Gulf of Mexico, just south of the Texas border, directly across the Rio Grande from Brownsville.[1]


Founded in 1686 when Spanish explorer Alonso de León deemed the area to be ideal for raising cattle. Named San Juan de los Esteros Hermanos in 1774, and renamed Matamoros in 1826 in honor of Mariano Matamoros, a hero of the Mexican War of Independence.[1]


Escape to Tampico: While following Amy Lawrence from Tampico, Mexico, to Corpus Christi, Texas[3] in July[4] 1877, Steve Corbett disembarked from a boat[3] in Matamoros[4] in order to avoid United States authorities catching him entering the country through an American seaport.[3]

ABOVE: Cotton bales on the docks of Matamoros, looking across the Rio Grande at Brownsville, Texas, c1865.[2]

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