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01. The Maverick Saga

02. The Conjectural Maverick, Maverick Trails

03. Maverick, Brasada Spur (1959), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.

04. Maverick, Duel at Sundown (1959), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.

Beauregard "Pappy" Maverick

Portrayed by James Garner

Maverick, Beauregard "Pappy"


Professional gambler.[1] (April 7, 1787 – July 8, 1880)[2]


Father to Bret, Bart and Brent Maverick, uncle to Beau Maverick, brother to Bentley and Micah Maverick, great uncle to Ben Maverick[1] and cousin to Samuel Augustus Maverick.[2]


Known affectionately to his sons as "Pappy," he raised his boys under his own life's philosophy: Avoid work and trouble, stay out of other people's troubles, never drink, and never gamble... stick to poker. He raised his sons to be read and understand human nature, and to never cheat an honest man.[1]


Pappy made his two sons, Bret and Bart, promise not to marry until they became 38 years old.[3][4]


Pappy's lessons were taught by example. When his sons were very young, he took them into saloons and gambling halls where they could study their trade first-hand from an early age. His wisdom was reinforced with humor and witty proverbs, which his sons revered, quoted and lived by throughout their lives.[1]



Pappy's Words of Wisdom


The Wrecker
"A faint heart never filled a flush."


Brasada Spur
"The two greatest evils are hard liquor and hard work."


The Jeweled Gun
"Never hold a kicker, and never draw to an inside straight."


The Thirty-Ninth Star
"Work is all right for killing time, but it's a shaky way to make a living."


The Day They Hanged Bret Maverick
"There's more than one way to please a lady."


According to Hoyle

"A faint heart never filled a flush."
"Man's the only animal you can skin more than once."


The Long Hunt

"Hell has no fury like a man who loses with four of a kind."

"Love your fellow man and stay out of his troubles, if you can."



"Never hold a kicker, and never draw to an inside straight."

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