The Lore of HOSTAGE

THE $1,000 BILL


When Bart Maverick arrived in New Orleans and met up with Brother Bret, Bret asked him if he still had his $1,000 bill. Bart remarked that he would not have worked his way down the Mississippi on a cattle boat of he had. Bart also surmised that, by the looks of Bret's run-down hotel room, his brother did not have his $1,000 bill either. But Bret had a plan for both of them to replenish their getaway money, and more besides. But it would require pawning Bart's last remaining possession... his prized silver saddle.[1]





When seated at Maxime's Restaurant, Bret and Bart Maverick were recommended a bottle of sparkling moscato or fine champagne by the maitre d'. Bart immediately orders two cups of coffee for his brother and him. Bret explained they were teetotalers, but it is also just as likely that Bart was more concerned with the cost of the expensive wines rather than their alcoholic content. After all, they were living for the moment on the money from pawning his prized silver saddle.[1]





Having lost his $1,000 bill before traveling to New Orleans[1] from St. Louis,[2] Bart Maverick was forced to work his way down the Mississippi as a hand on a cattle boat. Such labor would have only been tolerable knowing there was a golden opportunity once he met up with Brother Bret at the end of his journey.[1]





Bret and Bart Maverick earned a $5,000 reward for the safe return of Henri Devereaux's daughter, Yvette, which they quickly used as a stake to enter a poker game aboard Devereaux's extravagant steam packet, the River Princess.[2] They began the voyage taking turns at a single table in the boat's main parlor and quickly built a sizable fortune from playing several of Devereux's Creole friends.[1] By the time they docked in St. Louis, they had earned enough to finance a poker spree from the Mississippi to Colorado.[2]





Though Yvette Devereaux was in love with Jody Collins, once his true intentions of holding her hostage to collect thousands of dollars in ransom from her father, she quickly realized her feelings had been foolish. Aboard the River Princess the night after Bret and Bart Maverick risked their lives to rescue her from Collins and his men, she found herself attracted to her benefactors. They were kind to her and enjoyed her company during the voyage, taking turns as her deckside companion. But once arriving in St. Louis, they respectfully parted ways.[1] She remained grateful to them for what they had done for her and her father, but she never saw either brother again.[2]





Aboard the River Princess, Bart Maverick told Yvette Devereaux that Pappy had left  Brother Bret and him with a $1,000 bill apiece, along with the good advice to "Never hold a kicker, and never draw to an inside straight."[1]



Bart Maverick worked his way down the Mississippi[1] from St. Louis[2] on a cattle boat... hard work for little pay beyond the transportation to New Orleans he so desperately needed. Once there, he partnered with Brother Bret to earn passage back to St. Louis in splendor, this time working the poker tables aboard the luxurious River Princess.[1]





Bart Maverick was not incarcerated in New Orleans, but was held in Inspector Marvin's office and severely beaten to reveal the location of the hideout where Yvette Devereaux's abductors were holding her for ransom. With Brother Bret's life, as well as Yvette's on the line, Bart refused to provide the information. Henri Devereaux ordered the beating stopped and placed his trust in Bart to return his daughter safely.[1]





In an abandoned French Quarter wine shop, Bart Maverick threatened Jody Collins and his men with a a lighted cigar held to the short fuse of an envelope of black powder for the safe release of Yvette Devereaux and Brother Bret. When Collins' henchman, Rick, made a move to escape before Bart could light the fuse, Collins shot him dead. Collins' other henchman, Jubal, made a move to take Collins' gun but met the same fate as Rick. Jubal dropped to the floor, creating a diversion that allowed Bret and Yvette to step out of the room, but Collins fired and hit Bart in the shoulder. Bart was able to light the fuse and throw the envelope into the room before escaping himself. The powder exploded, killing Collins.[1]





Bret Maverick wagered George Rousseau $500 even money that he and Brother Bart would get an invitation from Henri Devereaux for the maiden voyage of the River Princess, which they earned for rescuing Devereaux's daughter Yvette from Jody Collins and his men. Bret and Bart split Rousseau's payment equally.


Both Bret and Bart won thousands of dollars playing poker with wealthy Creole aristocrats on the River Princess, from New Orleans to St. Louis.[1]





Bart Maverick's prized silver saddle to Ziggy's French Quarter pawn shop.[1]





Bret and Bart Maverick earned $5,000 reward from Henri Devereaux for the safe return of his daughter Yvette from the clutches of Jody Collins and his men.[2]

NEVER TAKE A DRINK…: Bret and Bart Maverick order coffee instead of moscato or champagne at Maxime's Restaurant in New Orleans.[1]

…OR A STEADY JOB: Broke, Bart Maverick works his way down the Mississippi River to New Orleans on a cattle boat.[1]

THE LADIES HE'S KNOWN: Bart Maverick entertains Yvette Devereaux aboard the River Princess.[1]


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