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The Norah Creina sails upon the Pacific Ocean,[3] 1871.[2]


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Pacific Ocean


The world's largest ocean, bound between Asia and Australia to the West and the North and South American continents on the East.[2]


Named Mar Pacifico (peaceful sea) by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan for the favorable winds he found while crossing the ocean.


The Wrecker: In November of 1870[2] in the Dutch East Indies, Paul Carthew joined the crew of the Currency Lass on a pearl-fishing expedition across the Pacific Ocean.[3] In January of 1871,[2] they wrecked upon a reef forty miles from Midway Island, which they reached in one of their ship's small boats. The Flying Scud out of China spotted their signal fire[3] in February.[2] After the castaways of the Currency Lass killed the Flying Scud's crew to protect their cargo of pearls, a British man-of-war — patrolling the trade lanes across the Pacific Ocean — picked them up and carried the castaways to San Francisco.  In December,[3] Bret Maverick bought the wreck of the Flying Scud still beached at Midway, and Brother Bart chartered the Norah Creina to take him to Midway to salvage the wreck. To escape Captain Nares and the crew of the Norah Creina's murderous threats, Bart and Paul Carthew left Midway in the Flying Scud's jolly boat to take their chances on the open sea. Four days later, they were rescued in the middle of the Pacific Ocean by a British man-of-war.[3]









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