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01. Maverick, Stage West (1957), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.

02. The Conjectural Maverick, Maverick Trails

Packsaddle Station


Stage stop along the Tomah Stage route about thirty miles east of Twin Bluffs,[1] Nebraska, in 1875.[2]


Attended by passenger agent Simmons.[1]


In July of 1875,[2] the Packsaddle Station was the scene of a confrontation between Mart, Wes and Rip Fallon and Bret Maverick, Linda Harris and Simmons. The Fallons were after a map to Sam Harris' illegal gold strike on Sioux land and were willing to kill for it. During the conflict, the station was attacked by a band of Sioux, who had tracked Bret carrying nuggets from the Harris Mine out of their land in the Black Hills.[1]


See: Stage West

Rip Fallon stands outside the front door of the Packsaddle Station, July 28, 1875.[1]









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