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A patron exits Fred's Paradise Saloon, White Rock, Texas, 1872.[1]


01. Maverick, Ghost Rider (1957), Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.

Paradise Saloon


A saloon in White Rock, Texas in 1872. Operated by Fred, the bartender.[1]


A favorite gathering place for some of the White Rock townfolk.[1]


On June 9, 1872, the Kid rode into White Rock with $3,000 he had stolen from Bret Maverick in Gunsight, Texas. The Kid found a poker game at the Paradise Saloon and began a three-day spree. On June 12, Bret arrived in White Rock on the Kid's trail. Before Bret had a chance to confront the Kid, Sideburns had shot and killed the Kid for calling him a cheat.[1]


The patrons and bartender of the Paradise Saloon enjoyed poking fun at Bret when they learned of his buggy ride with Mary Shane's ghost. Hearing part of the story, Felton introduced himself to Bret as Hank Foster to get more information from him about Mary Shane. While Bret was in jail for the murder of Bert Nicholson, the patrons gathered in the Paradise Saloon to talk about a lynching party, only to be squelched by the sheriff. Once Bret captured Felton and turned him in to the sheriff along with $60,000 of recovered Wells Fargo money, the Paradise Saloon patrons joked with Bret and invited him to spend his reward money playing poker with them.[1]


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