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Prairie Springs


Farming town[1] in Nebraska. The town's name is derived from the numerous local natural springs.


Shortly after the Civil War, cattle drives began along the Platte Valley trails.[4] By 1869, the nearby town of Bent Forks was establishing itself as a quiet but solid ranching community. Homesteaders began taking advantage of the lands around the numerous springs and creeks for farming. Off the beaten path from the main cattle trail that followed the North Platte River eastward from Wyoming and Montana Territories, the small town of Prairie Springs sprung up to provide local farmers with supplies and community fellowship.


Point Blank: In May of 1971,[2] Bret Maverick came to Prairie Springs[1] on the trail of the Tall Man.[2] A misunderstanding arose between Bret and local farmers that caused Bret to be run out of town. In finally evading his pursuers, Bret reached Bent Forks the next day.[1]


By the end of the century, as the cattle herds and travelers relied more and more the railroads, local farmers turned to the towns of Bridgeport and Sydney for their needs. Prairie Springs fell more and more to disuse and eventually was absorbed into the surrounding farmland.[3]


Today, the site is home to the Prairie Springs Hunting Preserve.[6]


Farmers from Prairie Springs chase Bret Maverick out of town, 1871.[1]

The site of Prairie Springs today.[4]

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