The Production of ESCAPE TO TAMPICO

Anyone familiar with the Warner Bros. 1942 "Casablanca" will immediately recognize "Escape to Tampico" as an homage to that classic film.


Given his obvious resemblance to Humphrey Bogart, Gerald Mohr was a natural choice for the role of Steve Corbett, patterned after Bogies's famous role. Wearing a white panama suit, Mohr was the spitting image of Rick, especially when seen in Tampico's La Cantina Americana,[5] which was actually constructed for Maverick out of many of the sets originally built for Rick's Café Americain in "Casablanca."[3]


Rick Blaine was the obvious template for Steve Corbett, and similarities abound. Rick built the Café Americain in honor of his American homeland, as did Corbett with his La Cantina Americana. Neither Rick not Corbett would drink with his patrons. Rumors of Rick's coming to Casablanca because he killed a man in the States is mirrored by the same rumor surrounding Corbett. Before coming to Casablanca, Rick had run guns to Ethiopia and had fought in Spain with the Loyalists, each time being well-paid by the losing side. Corbett, before coming to Tampico, had been running the Union Blockage during the Civil War, well-paid by the Confederacy. But under it all, each had a strong, nationalistic attachment to America, as evidenced by the naming of their respective establishments. But where Rick nobly stays behind in Casablanca when he has a chance to return home, Corbett returns to the States to face his ignoble past.[5][6]


Season 2, Episode 33


October 26, 1958[3]


Douglas Heyes



Roy Huggins



William T. Orr




Bret Maverick

Steve Corbett

Amy Lawrence

Paul Brooks

Rene Gireaux



Roul Gireaux

Sam Garth


Fred Fowler





Director of Photography

Art Director

Supervising Film Editor

Film Editor

Production Manager


Set Decorator

Makeup Supervisor

Assistant Director


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