"Relic of Fort Tejon" was based on the 1947 short story of the same title by Kenneth Perkins. It first appeared in the December 20, 1947 issue of Collier's.[4]


The original short story has little in common with the Maverick episode, but there are a few similarities. The hero, Jeff Magoon, takes his pet camel across the desert to track and apprehend a feeling outlaw guilty of killing a man.[4]


Back in town, the law is holding an innocent but unlikeable vintner burdened with a lot of circumstantial evidence against him. The townspeople are prepared to lynch the man until Magoon returns from the desert with the real killer.[4]

The story features the last well before miles of desert as a story point but in this case, Magoon knows the well is dry so elects to take his camel instead of his horse. In a shootout between Magoon and the outlaw, the camel takes four bullets for his owner.[4]


Fortunately, camels are so onery, it takes five bullets to kill them. Magoon returns with the outlaw, proves the vintner's innocence, wins the love of the girl who has now also developed a respect for the camel and plans to nurse it back to health.[4]



The opening scene of Maverick's "Relic of Fort Tejon" of Bret Maverick riding into Clayville was repurposed footage from the opening of the series pilot, "War of the Silver Kings."


Season 1, Episode 7[1]



November 3, 1957[2]


Jerry Davis

Based on the short story by Kenneth Perkins



Leslie H. Martinson



Roy Huggins



William T. Orr




Bret Maverick

Donna Seely

Carl Jimson

Howard Harris







Tommy Norton

Doc Nelson

livery stableman





Director of Photography

Art Director

Supervising Film Editor

Film Editor

Production Manager


Set Decorator

Makeup Supervisor

Assistant Director

The Production of RELIC OF FORT TEJON


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ABOVE: Iillustrations by Mario Cooper and title graphic from the December 20, 1947 issue of Collier's for Kenneth Perkins' "Relic of Fort Tejon."[4]

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