MAVERICK: Season 1, Episode 7

Teleplay by: Jerry Davis

Directed by: Leslie H. Martinson

Original airdate: November 3, 1957



Bret Maverick travels to Silver Springs, New Mexico Territory, to expose a brace joint run by an old girlfriend's new fiancé. Along the way, he considers himself fortunate to win an imported Arabian mount in a Clayville poker game. But Bret's luck seems to change when he discovers his Arabian is actually a camel, one of the last brought into the country by the Army in the years before the Civil War.



Arizona TerritoryBaker's Hardware Companybartenderbaseballbrace jointbrace manBrimmerCaliforniacallcard sharkcash incheckChihuahuan DesertClayvilleClovisConnorsCrown CityCrystal Bar & Cafécutdeal outdealerDentonderringerDrake.45 caliberFatimaFergusonFort Tejonfour-card spreadhandHarris, HowardHatchet Valley Mining CompanyHenderson's Wellholdout deviceHoyle's GamesJimson, CarlJohnsonkings fulllivery stablemanLone Star HotelLouMaverick, BretNelson, DocNew Mexico TerritoryNorton, TommyopenpatPioneer HotelpokerraiseRigbyrun oneScottSeely, DonnasheriffSilver SpringsSilver Springs Hotelsingle-card holdoutSquare Deal Saloontapped outthree of a kindtinhornUnited States ArmyUnited States Camel Corps

Listings in italics are not specifically mentioned by name in the story, but are inferred through other contextual references.



"Relic of Fort Tejon" by Kenneth Perkins — Colliers, December 20, 1947

The Last Camel Charge: The Untold Story of America's Desert Military Experiment; Forrest Bryant Johnson, — Berkeley, 2012


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