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Richards, Brad


Alias used by Bret Maverick in 1876.[1]


At Dry Springs Way Station in September of 1876, Bret caught up with Molly Sharp's stagecoach en route from Hallelujah, New Mexico Territory to Santa Fe. Since Molly was familiar with the name Bret Maverick as the man hanged and buried for her husband Cliff Sharp's crimes in Hallelujah, Bret introduced himself to her as "Brad Richards." Traveling incognito, Bret was still wearing the false mustache he had donned while disguised as his own twin brother to clear his name in Hallelujah. At dinner[1] at Cimarron,[2] Molly mentioned that he wasn't the type to wear a mustache. Bret remarked he had grown it so as not to look so young.[1]



See: The Day They Hanged Bret Maverick

Brad Richards

Portrayed by Bret Maverick


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