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Henchman of Jody Collins in New Orleans in 1879. (January 11, 1845April 14, 1879)[2]


In 1879, Rick was hired by Jody Collins to aid in his scheme to kidnap and hold Yvette Devereaux for ransom. In April of that year, Rick and his fellow henchman, Jubal, assaulted Henri Devereaux's private footman and severely beat him. The next day, Rick applied to Devereaux as Devereaux's coachman and was hired. Two nights later, Rick, along with Jubal as footman, abducted Yvette outside Maxime's Restaurant and took her to Collins' hideout in an abandoned wine shop in the French Quarter.[1]


Bret and Bart Maverick witnessed Collins' men abducting and followed them. Rick helped hold Bret hostage along with Yvette while Bart went out to collect the ransom. Bart returned near midnight with the money and an envelope of black powder. He held his lighted cigar near a short fuse, threatening to set it off if Yvette was not released. Rick made an attempt to flee the room, but Collins shot and killed him.[1] Rick's remains were among the first to be buried in New Orleans' Holt Cemetery.[2]


See: Hostage


Portrayed by Wright King









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