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Bart and Bret Maverick at a poker game with Ring members Merchison, Willimen, Longhurst and Campbell.[1]


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Ring, the


Exclusive alliance of businessmen who bought shipwrecks at auction in San Francisco, California[1] in 1871.[2]


Headed by Longhurst and comprised of his partners, Campbell, Willimen and Merchison, their power and reputation was such that few dared to bid against them.[1]


In November of 1871,[2] Bret Maverick heard of the Ring and decided it could be profitable for him to become a member[1]. in December,[2] after a four-day poker game with them at the Hotel Bossert, he won his way into the Ring with a pair of aces.[1]


The next morning, Bret began his partnership in the Ring by bidding on the shipwreck of the Flying Scud, reportedly beached at Midway Island and carrying a $10,000 cargo of rice and fine silk from the Orient. But after Longhurst deferred to Bret's bid of $300, Bret found himself in a bidding war with Thomas Bellairs. To prove to Bret and Brother Bart that the Ring was acting in good faith, and to teach Bellairs a lesson in their power, Longhurst agreed the Ring would back Bret's bidding up to $5,000. When Bellairs raised the bid to $5,500, Longhurst informed Bret the Ring would not back him further and, if he wished to continue bidding, it was on his own responsibility.[1]


After Bart sailed to Midway island to investigate the wreck of the Flying Scud, Bret sold his partnership back to the Ring, which helped pay off some of his creditors.[2]


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