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Rousseau, George


Ticket agent for Henri Devereaux's steam packet line in New Orleans[1] in 1879. (November 10, 1834June 1, 1904)[2]


In April of 1879,[2] Bret and Bart Maverick approached Rousseau at his ticket counter to buy passage on the maiden voyage of Devereaux's steam packet, the River Princess. Rousseau informed them that passage was by Devereaux's personal invitation only. The Maverick Brothers wagered $500 with Rousseau that they would have Devereaux's invitation by sailing time. Rousseau was pleased to have an opportunity to bet on a sure thing, and told the Mavericks that Devereaux maintained a town suite at the Hotel Royale. The next day, after Bret and Bart had rescued Deveraux's daughter, Yvette, from kidnappers and had received his personal invitation on the cruise, Rousseau had to make good his wager.[1]


See: Hostage

George Rousseau

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